Born of the electrifying alliance of Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen, both recognized watchmakers, the Legacy Machine Thunderdome does not care about the conventions of watchmaking: it transgresses them without faith or law. Above a bluish dial, it is a dome with wheels, pinions and cages which constitutes a “TriAx” mechanism of 413 components at record speed. Tilted at 48 °, a smaller minimalist dial in stretched lacquer displays the time.
A show on an azure dial…
Chaotic like a hurricane, the Legacy Machine Thunderdome does not lose in splendor… Halfway between the meteorological instrument and the watchmaking prowess, the silhouette of the watch was meticulously thought out by Kari Voutilainen: the man behind the aesthetic TP1, Minute Repeater 10 or 28 Oukamon.
Exceptionally, the latter applied, for the first time as part of MB&F, its secret finish on the ratchets of the Legacy Machine Thunderdome giving it a singular glow. Most of the watch’s components have been polished and inserted by hand among some 63 jewels adorning it.
Also, note that the LM will exist in two limited editions:
A first 33 pieces in platinum 950 with a light blue guilloché dial.
A second “40th anniversary of The Hour Glass” with a dark blue guilloché dial decorated with aventurine.
The Legacy Machine Thunderdome: a unique and technical piece
When it was designed, the new MB&F only had to provide “the most delirious, the most kinematic three-axis tourbillon of all time”. To do this, its signature TriAx, against the grain of tradition, opens its doors to a two-cage construction for three axes at record speeds, but energy-consuming.
To support these extreme rotations, the Legacy Machine Thunderdome has an extremely rare Potter escapement, a hemispherical balance as well as a helical balance spring. Energy-efficient, of course, the watch still has a 45-hour autonomy.
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