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Luxury : Bun Van, offer a road trip in the 70s to your children

Bun Van, offer a road trip in the 70s to your children

A child’s bedroom is a sacred place. It’s his little secret garden and he loves to take refuge there! The place where your child sleeps should be like him and he should feel good there. Circu presents an out-of-the-ordinary children’s bed … The Bun Van bed is simply a Volkswagen combi inspired by the person Fillmore from the Disney cartoon, Cars. Discover this bed will make your child happy!

All the comfort of a complete room in a small space
Visually, the exterior of the Bun Van is obviously retro, but it is also very childish! The exterior of this van is fiberglass with chrome finishes.

The interior of the Volkwagen combi is fully equipped for your child to have a good night’s sleep… because inside, he will find real treasures. So, in addition to sleeping (the mattress is included with the van), your child will have many storage compartments, a TV, a sofa, a desk and even a mini-bar! This complete, all-in-one room will allow you to optimize space to maximize play space.

Available in blue or pink, the Bun Van is a great way to make your children go to sleep with envy! Attention to detail is really very convincing on this reproduction. Indeed, special care has been taken in the interior and exterior design of this van. Whether your child is a fan of the Cars cartoon or simply wants a little originality in his room, the Bun Van will meet all his expectations. Each night, your child will embark on a road trip that they will remember when they wake up! Besides, there is a good chance that your child will decide for himself to go to bed early for a great adventure …

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